The School

P1classroomJinja Christian School began operations at the commencement of the 2013 school year. At that time there were 32 pupils enrolled in the three classes, physician P1 (Primary 1), sick P2 and P3. By July this number had increased to 82.

Each year another class will be added, so that by 2017 we will have all of the primary classes up to P7.

Stage 1 of the building development which was completed in time for the school to commence included the main building with 4 classrooms, a staffroom and 2 offices. One of the classrooms is set up as a resource room, currently holding our library and our musical instruments. It will also house some computers in the future. There is also a spacious kitchen and store for preparing the meals that are served to the pupils, and a toilet block with flushable toilets and septic tank.

The second stage of the buildings commenced in July 2013 to produce another 4 classrooms and some playground equipment. This will allow us to add the P4 class in 2014.

The final building stage planned for 2014 will involve building an outdoor shelter where the whole school can gather for assemblies as well as providing a shaded space for eating and playing. The other part of this stage will be to build some on-site accommodation for teachers.


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