Jinja Christian School makes use of the Uganda curriculum and makes sure that it is followed. This curriculum is good providing good guidelines to prepare the children. The difference is that how the curriculum is taught. Jinja Christian School is committed to teaching children for understanding. In order to do this learning must be in an active manner. Children need to use physical learning aids, physician be given a variety of  stimuli and be able to explain what they have learnt in different words. This can only happen if the methods used are developed and extensive work is being done with teachers to make them aware of how to do this and where their own understanding may need to be developed.

Assessment is completed in a variety of manners with examinations only being used in upper levels. Assessment is seen to be ongoing and also in line with competencies. So, it is competencies that are being assessed rather than whether a child has been able to cram for an examination. IMG_4339

Reporting is also on a competency basis and parents are provided with detailed information about areas in which their child is competent and those areas that are in need of further development.

In line with the Christian basis of all that is done at the school, there is no ranking of children within the class. Children are seen as being gifted differently and all abilities and achievements are celebrated.

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